How to Sell Gold & Silver

To get a good price for gold and silver, you must understand the metals' values in the marketplace at the time of the sale. You must also determine how much gold and silver are contained in the objects you are selling.

Place your gold in one pile and your silver in another. Separate the coins and bullion from the scrap -- items such as jewelry, flatware, tea sets and electronic components.

Determine the precious metal content of each item. The purity of gold can be determined by knowing its karat.

Weigh each pile of gold and silver. Record its weight in ounces.

Look up the spot price in dollars of gold and silver. This is what they are selling for that day on the world financial markets.

Multiply the spot price of gold and silver by the number of ounces of each metal you are selling. Be sure to take into account the purity of each group.

Take your gold and silver coins and bullion to several coin dealers. Ask them to make you an offer. If you want a higher price, sell them directly to collectors on auction websites.

Mail the rest of your scrap gold and silver to a precious metal refiner.


  • If you decide to go through a precious metal refiner, expect to get 5 percent to 10 percent less than selling your gold or silver outright.