How to Sell Gold Flakes

How to Sell Gold Flakes
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Gold flakes are found in a variety of places but it's not a well-known investment vehicle, for good reason. Gold flakes are very small, and you need a lot of them to parley them into a significant amount. However, if you have gold flakes that you want to unload, you can sell them in a few different places. The price you get for your gold flakes will vary greatly depending on where you sell them and the state of the gold market, so shop around before making a deal.

Weigh your flakes. If they're in a bottle or vial—as flakes are often stored—find and subtract the weight of the bottle to get just the weight of the flakes themselves. Flakes, like all gold, sell by the ounce. You will need to know how many ounces, or what fraction of an ounce, you have.

Contact gold merchants. You might have seen ads for businesses that buy gold. These tend to be national chains that offer less than local gold merchants. Contact both national and local merchants to determine what kind of offer you will get.

Call local jewelers. Some jewelers will buy gold flakes to use in jewelry repair. You may need to call several jewelers to get someone who will buy your flakes. Just like gold merchants, a local jeweler is more likely to be looking for an independent dealer of gold flakes, such as yourself.

Consider listing the flakes on online auction sites. These sites are consumer-driven and provide the potential for your flakes to sell for more than they are worth in terms of price per ounce.

Sell your flakes to the person or company that can provide you with the best price. As with all sales, keep a record of your transaction.


  • It takes a lot of gold flakes to equal an ounce of gold. In many cases, the effort required to sell gold flakes isn't worth what you can get for them, unless you have a large amount of flakes.