How to Sell My Cargo Trailer

Selling a used cargo trailer is similar to selling a used vehicle. Cargo trailers are available in a wide variety of makes and models, with each offering different features. When you are ready to sell the trailer, you can do so on your own. You can even list it for free if you are on a tight budget.

Browse current listings of cargo trailers to see what price others are selling their trailers for in the ads. Look in your local newspaper classified ads and online sites such as eBay Motors, Trailer Shopper and eBay Classifieds. Focus on cargo trailers that are similar to yours -- year, make and model -- to get the most accurate idea of how to price your trailer.

Take photos of your cargo trailer. Get both the inside and outside of the trailer.

Put ads in the local newspaper as well as online sites such as Trailer Shopper, eBay Motors, Festivals and Shows and eBay Classifieds. Prices for listing the ads vary; some are free. In the ad, give the year, make, model and asking price of the cargo trailer. Also include information on the features of the trailer, if space permits. Features to highlight include interior lighting, roof vents, receptacles and air conditioning. Include the photos of the cargo trailer and highlight features that make your trailer stand out from the rest.

Show your trailer to interested buyers when you are contacted. When you get an offer on the trailer that you want to accept you can sign over the title documents to the new owner. Take your license plate off the trailer before you let the new owner leave with the trailer. The new owner must get their own license plate.