Banks That Sell American Express Gift Cheques

American Express Gift Cheques are one way to manage your travel or gift budget. Consider using them for lodging, dining or shopping. They offer the benefits of cash without fear of loss because they can be replaced. American Express Gift Cheques carry no expiration date, which makes them easy to buy ahead when your budget allows. They are inexpensive to purchase at your local bank or credit union. Here's where to buy.

Washington Mutual Bank

Walk into any Washington Mutual Financial Center to purchase American Express Gift Cheques. There is a nominal fee per check purchase. These convenient cheques are available in denominations of $25, $50 and $100. Your gift recipient will be glad to know that the cheques are accepted virtually anywhere that cash is accepted, including on vacation or at the local grocery store (which makes them a better deal than a gift card to a specific store). American Express gift cheques are also replaceable, within 24 hours, if lost or stolen.

SunTrust Bank

First offered by American Express in 1987, American Express Gift Cheques are also available at SunTrust Bank. Pay for gift cheques with your American Express card, of course. Visa, Mastercard and cash are also accepted for gift cheque payments. Purchased cheques can be delivered to you or directly to the recipient. 3 shipping methods, including overnight delivery, are available for a fee.

Citibank Bank

Purchase American Express Gift Cheques and Gift Cards at any Citibank Financial Center. Purchasers may also buy online. Fees for loading and/or replacing the card apply. Gift card recipients can track balances via telephone or the Internet. For added protection, American Express participates in Never worry again about giving or receiving a phony check.

The Huntington National Bank

Count on The Huntington National Bank for the convenient purchase of American Express Gift Cheques. Huntington National is there for you after the sale, too. Use their 24 hour, toll-free number with questions or to request replacement of lost or stolen cheques.

Key Bank

Few would argue that the American Express name carries a certain cachet. If you want to impress your gift recipient, purchasing an American Express Gift Cheque at Key Bank is a wise choice. Because there is no expiration date, you can purchase American Express Gift Cheques at any time and dispense as needed. Never worry about missing another birthday or other gift giving occassion. Save and store gift cheques for employee incentives or holiday gifts throughout the year--in this way, you create your own manageable holiday spending plan.

Purchase Gift Cheques at Many Other Locations, Too

As you might expect, American Express Gift Cheques are available at many banks, credit unions and financial institutions. You may be surprised to learn that you can also purchase the cheques at retail, grocery and drug stores. Additional purchase locations include Kroger, CVS, Walgreens, Pathmark, Safeway and RiteAid. To get information about the nearest location in your area, visit the American Express "Find a Location" site as listed in Resources. Finally, it is worth noting that American Express Gift Cheques are also available in your own home--in a matter of speaking. Simply log onto or call American Express to place your order.