How to Search for Land Titles in Oklahoma

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A land title or deed is recorded at the Oklahoma courthouse in the county where the property is located. While it is not required by Oklahoma law, recording the title provides proof of ownership and protects the landowner from future claims made against the property. When searching for an Oklahoma land title, you have two options: visiting the courthouse or performing an online search.

Visit the Courthouse

Obtain the Oklahoma landowner’s name and the property's address.

Visit the county courthouse in Oklahoma where the property is located. For instance, if the property is in Carter County, go to the courthouse in Ardmore.


Provide the county clerk with the owner’s name and the property's address. Request a copy of the title.


Search Online

Visit, which offers title searches. This site provides online documents and maps for several counties in Oklahoma.


Click on the county where the property is located.

Enter the name of the Oklahoma landowner and click “Search Instruments.” Click on the instrument, which includes liens, affadavits and land titles, that matches the owner’s name. Make sure it says “Deed” under the “Type” heading.



  • Some newly recorded documents may not be available online.