How to Schedule a Donation Pickup

If you're interested in a donation pickup, it's incredibly easy to set up.

Prior scheduling a donation pickup, decide what kinds of items you are interested in donating. Your donations will depend on the organization you choose.

Confirm that you have the means to donate items and to schedule a donation pickup. In other words, get your donated items packed and ready to go prior to scheduling a donation pickup.

Contact the organization either through the internet or telephone to see if you can schedule a donation pickup. They will let you know when and if they will be in your area next. It could be in a few days, or it could be a few weeks. It just depends if and how often they make it out to the area in which you live.

If you can't schedule a donation pickup where you live, you can always bring the items you wish to donate to an organization accepting donations that is close to your home.


  • Follow the charity's guidelines. Don't donate things you wouldn't let your family members wear. Throw away items that are stained, ripped or damaged. Have your donation items clearly marked for pickup and have them in an easy-to-see location by 8am on the scheduled donation pickup day.

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