How to Find Savings Bond Serial Numbers if Bonds Have Been Destroyed

How to Find Savings Bond Serial Numbers if Bonds Have Been Destroyed
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Destruction of savings bonds does not mean you have lost the money that the bonds represented. If bonds have been destroyed, you must apply to the U.S. Treasury for replacements. The Treasury can find your bond serial numbers, so your replacement bonds will reflect the same serial numbers. Next time, keep a record of your bond serial numbers in a safe place.

Download Form PD F 1048 from Find the form under the forms tab in the blue menu bar across the top of the website.

Complete the form on your computer, providing all required information, and print the completed form. The Treasury does not require the serial numbers to replace savings bonds. The form asks for as much information as the bond owner can provide concerning the bonds. The Treasury tracks savings bonds by the owner's Social Security number. With that and the approximate dates of purchase, the savings bonds will be replaced.

Take the completed Treasury form to a local bank for signature verification. Do not sign the form until requested to do so by the bank officer. The bank will verify your identification and verify the signature on the document.

Mail the completed Form PD F 1048 to the Treasury using the address provided on the form. Include any remaining pieces of the destroyed savings bonds. The Treasury will research your bond purchases and issue replacement bonds for those that were destroyed.


  • Print out page 5 of Form PD F 1048 before you start filling in the information. Page 5 is the directions for completing the form. Make a photo copy of the form and any surviving pieces of the bonds before mailing them to the Treasury.