How to Save Money for a Shopaholic

How to Save Money for a Shopaholic
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If you’re one of those people who never met a store you didn’t like, saving money gets especially difficult. Many retailers bank on impulse purchases and strong advertising to keep their coffers flowing, and shopaholics find those difficult to resist. However, it is still possible to save money if you’re a shopaholic, though it will take some discipline and a few tricks to make it work.

Set aside a certain amount of cash for shopping binges and leave the plastic at home. It's easier to forget you're spending real money when using a bank card.

Check your needs and inventory of personal goods. This helps you decide whether you really need the item and don't have more just like it. That cute dress may be just the ticket for a formal dinner, but how often do you go to one? That pair of shoes makes you happy now, but they may get forgotten among all the other shoes in your closet. Beware of those items you might use only occasionally, and especially those you won't use at all.

Shop with a friend, but only if he is willing to hold you accountable. Don't choose someone who is a spendthrift or will pressure you to buy something because it looks good on you.

Resist the urge to buy an expensive item right away. If you see a pricey item you especially like, put it on a “to buy” list and revisit it in a month. You may decide later you don't really want it.

Check a few other places where you can buy the item if you really must have it instead of just buying it at the first place you see. You might find the best deals online. You might decide the item isn't worth the trouble after you spend time researching it.

Switch things up by shopping at a thrift store or consignment shop. Most of the items will be almost as good as buying new items. You might find thrift-store shopping to be fun, almost like being on a treasure hunt.

Get some rest and make sure you're in a good mood and stress-free before shopping. Like with any addiction, a shopaholic may feel a rush from hitting the stores. This can be destructive if you’re not at your best. That’s when getting that rush sounds like a good idea.


  • Even the most frugal people have some point where money just leaks out. It may be clothing or bookstores, or just quick pit stops at the corner market. It's best to know your weak spots and adjust accordingly.


  • Be careful about shopping online. It's too easy to blow your budget that way.