How to Find a Sample Amendment to a Living Trust

How to Find a Sample Amendment to a Living Trust
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One of the benefits of using a living trust is your flexibility to amend the terms of that trust whenever you want. To do so, you complete a living trust amendment form and attach it to your original living trust document. Samples of amendments to living trusts are available to view online. Searching for sample amendment documents can be difficult because most sites require you buy access to samples and forms.

Samples of Amendments to Living Trusts

Go to the Living Trust Network website and click on the "Estate Planning Center" option.

Click on "Revocable Living Trust."

Click on "Sample Revocable Living Trusts." You will see a list of samples.

Click on "Amendments of Trusts." You have the choice of amendments for types of living trusts, such as single and joint trusts.

Click on the sample for the type of amendment you want to view.

Samples of Legal Forms for Amendments to Living Trusts

Go to the Legal Forms website. You will see a list of legal forms that are free.

Click on "Living Trust Forms."

Click on "Amendment to Trust."

Print the amendment form, which is a PDF file. You can fill out the form before printing, but you can’t save any changes to the form on your computer.


  • To avoid confusion, attach copies of amendments to every copy of your original living trust.


  • To amend your living trust you must complete the transfer of your assets to the trustee(s) in addition to completing the amendment legal form(s).