Salary of a Tennessee Game Warden

Salary of a Tennessee Game Warden
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Are you looking to pursue a career as a game warden? In that case, you should consider doing so in Tennessee.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t feature in the current top 10 highest-paying states for game wardens. That honor belongs to states like New Jersey, Washington, California and Maryland, which occupy the first four positions. But it is worth noting that those states are also among the most expensive places to live in.

However, based on the 2020 data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Tennessee is in a decent position compared to other states concerning the salaries. The report shows the average game warden salary TN offers currently stands at ​$69,640​. USA Wage also shows the entry-level Tennessee game warden salary is ​$46,080​.

Average Tennessee Game Warden Salary vs. National Salary

According to the BLS, the median weekly earnings for full time workers at the end of 2021 stood at $1,010 ​for men and ​$930​ for women. That translates to average median earnings of ​$970​ weekly, regardless of gender, or about ​$50,440​ per year. So, it’s safe to state that a game warden salary in TN of ​$69,640​ is much better than what a typical full-time worker makes across the nation.

Average Tennessee Game Warden Salary vs. Cost Of Living

Did you know that Tennessee makes it to the top 10 list of the cheapest states to live in? It ranks sixth.

Therefore, your salary as a game warden will go pretty far if you get a job within the state. And you would be able to save more for luxuries and retirement. It is also worth noting that Tennessee has no state income tax.

How to Become a Game Warden in Tennessee

If you would like to get hired as a wildlife officer in Tennessee and enjoy the decent game warden salary, below are the requirements you should be aware of:

  • By the time you are getting into the academy, you should be at least ​21 years​ old.
  • You must either be a U.S. citizen or possess permanent resident alien status.
  • You should be residing in Tennessee during the time you are being appointed.
  • You must have a legally valid driver’s license issued in Tennessee or be ready to get one.
  • If you are a former member of the military, you must present your “Under Honorable States” release documents.
  • You must be eligible for U.S. employment, which means you must have and present documents showing that eligibility.
  • You should be ready to undergo a background check. If you show signs of drug dependency, committed a felony within the state or other states, were previously convicted and committed to a state institution and fail a drug test, you are likely to be disqualified.
  • Tennessee requires a GED or high school diploma as the bare minimum. However, you must also have an undergraduate degree in natural resources management, forestry, wildlife, biological or environmental sciences or fisheries.
  • You must pass a medical test to prove that you are in good health. In addition, you must fulfill the hearing, vision and swimming health requirements. Also, you must prove you are mentally fit to do your job properly.
  • The state requires you to undertake a several week long k class to familiarize yourself with Tennessee’s wildlife laws and regulations. You must also obtain firearms training, learn court processes and practices and familiarize yourself with law enforcement techniques.

When looking for a career that entails interacting with nature, you should consider becoming a game warden. And pursuing such a career in Tennessee may be one of the best options. It enables you to make a decent salary while minimizing your daily expenses and tax liabilities. As a result, you are likely to get further financially than your peers in higher-paying states across the country.