What Salary Does a Senior Attorney Editor Make?

What Salary Does a Senior Attorney Editor Make?
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The amount of money an attorney editor earns depends on numerous factors, including the employer, the editor's specialty area of law, the geographic location where the position is located and the number of years of editorial experience the editor brings to the job. Lawyers in private practice generally make more money than attorneys employed as editors.

Job Description

Attorney editors are lawyers who use their legal education in the publishing industry. Such persons conduct legal research, write and provide analysis to legal developments. Often such persons also review and edit manuscripts and other materials created by attorneys, outside authors and others.


Some of the top-paying legal publishing companies such as Reed Elsivier that operates LexisNexis and Thomson Reuters, owner of Westlaw, employ many attorney editors. Other employers include Arlington-based Bureau of National Affairs (BNA), Wolters Kluwer and Bloomberg.

Entry Level Positions

Glassdoor.com reports that entry-level attorney editor positions at Thomson Reuters pay about $38,000 per year. Other employers may pay more for an editor who has more experience, and a premium may be placed on experience in private practice. Bloomberg, for example, provides that salaries for its editors is "negotiable."

Higher Paying Positions

Indeed.com provides that although attorney editors generally earn an average of $59,000 per year, positions in larger cities such as Washington, DC pay an average of $67,000; in New York positions pay an average of $69,000. Additionally, senior attorney editors generally earn more than their less experienced counterparts.