How to Retrieve Old Telephone Bills

There are a number of reasons why you might need a copy of an old phone bill. Perhaps you incurred a charge that you paid for without thinking but would like to reexamine, or maybe you plan to trim down your monthly expenditures and want to take a closer look at how much you spend on telephone service. Whatever the reason, retrieving a past phone bill is a simple process as long as you are the account holder and can provide the phone number and confirmation of your identity.

Locate your phone company's website. Most telephone service providers list their web address on paper phone bills along with the rest of the company contact information.

Register your phone account on the website; registration options are likely to be listed under "Register," "Current Customers" or "Sign Up."

Enter your personal details and account information into the registration form. Create a user ID and password.

Submit the form to register your account.

Log into your account with your user ID and password. Go to the account overview page and look for a link to "Past Statements" or "Past Bills."

Select the bill you need and print it or save it to your computer.

Call the phone company directly if you are unable to locate the bill you need online. Give them your account information and request a copy of the bill by fax, email or postal mail.