Requirements to Transfer a Real Estate License to Nevada From Another State

A real estate license is necessary to do business legally as a real estate agent or broker in Nevada. License applicants from other states cannot directly transfer existing license to Nevada, but they can use their licenses and experience to satisfy some of Nevada's real estate licensing requirements.


Both sales agents and brokers must pass Nevada-specific real estate courses, as required by state law, regardless of education in another state. Applicants must complete 18 classroom hours of Nevada real estate law. Sixty-four semester units covering various real estate topics, such as appraisal, are necessary for both license types. The courses must be completed at a school recognized by the Nevada Real Estate Division. They do, however, recognize out-of-state schools on the list of acceptable institutions available on their official website.


A broker licensed in another state as an agent or a broker can apply experience to satisfy part of the education requirement as long as the license is valid. 16 semester units are awarded for every two years experience as a broker or agent. The applicant must still take the required 18 hours of Nevada real estate law. Broker license applicants cannot waive a 45-hour Broker Management course requirement using experience.

Passing Exam

Broker and agent license applicants must pass a national and state exam. A licensed applicant from another state who took the national exam less than one year before applying for a Nevada license can use the results but must still pass the state exam. PSI, an online license certification and test provider for various states, administers both tests. The state exam for a broker and salesperson each cost $100 to take as of 2011, and the applicant must register with PSI before taking the tests.


An applicant from another state must apply to the Nevada Real Estate Division to receive a broker or salesperson license using the provided application. A variety of information is requested, including work and criminal background history. All applicants must be fingerprinted by a legal authority in Nevada and send the results with the form. The applicant must have proof she passed both the state and national exam, proof of education and proof of a valid license from another state to waive some of the required courses.

A certified license history or good standing letter that is less than three months old is necessary for those with out-of-state licenses, and the document must come from the issuing state commission. Certified school transcripts showing the courses taken are proof of education. The applicant must attach the fees for the license to the application. A salesperson license is $125 as of 2011, while a broker license is $145. Both license types carry an extra $40 state fee.