How to Request by Letter That a Credit Card Be Reinstated

Your credit card company can cancel your credit card for any number of reasons, including inactivity, a high balance, a drop in your credit score or just general business changes. When your card is canceled, the company must give you a reasonable amount of time to repay your debt. However, you may no longer use the card, which can be a problem if you rely on it for credit. Although credit card companies have no obligation to reinstate your account, it never hurts to send a letter to ask.

Type your name and mailing address in the top left corner of a word-processing document.

Skip a line, and type the credit card company's name and address. You can find this on your most recent statement or the company's website.

Skip a line, and type a cordial greeting, such as "Dear Sir or Madam," followed by another line break.

Type an introductory paragraph that includes your credit card number, the type of card you have, and the fact that you recently found out your account was canceled. End the paragraph with a sentence to request your account be reinstated.

Write a body paragraph that explains why you want your account reinstated. Include information that appeals to the company's business side, such as the fact that you use the card regularly or that you have consistently paid your bill on time.

Write a concluding paragraph that thanks the person for considering your request. Also include a sentence to say that the person can contact you with any questions. Include your phone number here as well.

Skip a line after your last paragraph, type "Sincerely," skip a few more lines and type your name.

Print the letter, and sign your name in the space between "Sincerely" and your typed name.

Mail the letter to the credit card company.


  • If the canceled card was your only one, and you needed it, apply for a new credit card while you wait to hear back about your old card. If it is eventually reinstated, you will have a backup card in case it happens again.