How to Request a Copy of My W-9 Tax Returns

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A W-9 is a tax form you fill out usually only one time when you start a new job. The company you work for keeps this on file for their records so that wage information can be properly filed. The W-9 form contains information about you including your full name, address and social security number. When you sign this form you are stating that all the information is correct and that you are a legal United States citizen, permanent resident or registered alien. You can request a copy of your W-9 to check the information or to update any old address information.

Find the phone number or contact information for the Human Resources division of the company you work for.

Call the Human Resources office during regular business hours. Leave a message, if necessary, with your full name, phone number and a time when someone in the office can return your call.

Ask the Human Resources office if you can receive a copy of the W-9 that the company has on file for you. Give the secretary information about where to send the W-9 if he knows without a doubt who you are, either through email, fax or regular mail.

Be prepared to go and physically pick up the W-9 if you work for a large company and the Human Resources office needs to verify your identity. Bring photo identification along with you.

Show the necessary identification to receive the copy of your W-9.


  • If you have moved out of state and for some reason a new employer should need to see a W-9, call your previous employer and give them a fax or email address for your new employer. This allows the previous employer to send the information and the new employer can double check to make sure the identification numbers such as your social security, match up.

    Companies that hire you, whether on a contract or salary basis, are required to get a W-9 from you. This provides them with all the information they need to file their own taxes. If you do not file a W-9 with a company for whom you work in some form or another, you may find that they withhold 28 percent of your income for federal taxes.