How to Report Welfare Fraud in Michigan

Welfare fraud, as defined by the State of Michigan, constitutes receiving or attempting to receive, aiding in the receipt or attempted receipt of property, rights, income or legal privilege through willful false statement. Welfare fraud is committed when misinformation is provided, or information is withheld, to receive assistance, financial or otherwise, from the State of Michigan. Under Michigan law, illegal activities by employees of the Michigan Department of Human Services -- which oversees all Michigan welfare programs -- such as providing benefits to unqualified individuals or overpayment of benefits also constitutes welfare fraud.

Determine which welfare fraud complaint form is needed. The Michigan Department of Human Services uses different forms for complaints against individuals, businesses or MDHS employees.

Visit the Michigan Department of Community Health's website and locate the appropriate form based on the type of complaint (see Resources). Complete the online form by inserting the name of the individual, business or employee, city and allegation in the appropriate fields.

Provide the contact information for the person filing the complaint in the box located near the bottom of the complaint page if desired. This information is used only to contact the complainant, the person who filed the complaint, if further information is required. The person the complaint is filed against is not made aware of who filed the complaint.

Click "Submit" to file the complaint with the Michigan Department of Community Health for investigation.


  • Welfare fraud complaints can only be filed via the online complaint forms to protect the identity of the complainant and to streamline the process.