How to Report SSI Fraud in Wisconsin

by Lauren Treadwell ; Updated July 27, 2017

Supplemental Security Income is a monthly benefit payment for low-income people who are receiving Social Security Disability Income. In Wisconsin, people who qualify for SSI benefits also receive state-funded monthly payments and access to Wisconsin Medicaid. As with any large-scale program, the SSI program is subject to some fraud. The most common forms of Social Security fraud are people receiving benefits by making false statements about the nature and extent of their disability, people working without reporting the earnings to the Social Security Administration and representative payees not using the benefits in the best interest of the beneficiary. The SSA field offices in Wisconsin do not accept fraud reports on site. However, you can make a report on the SSA website.

Step 1

Go to the SSA website and click the "Report Fraud, Waste, or ID Theft" link. Click the "Fraud Reporting Form" link to go the the online form.

Step 2

Click the arrow on the pull down menu box to select the level of confidentiality and anonymity you want. You must still give your name and other information, but the SSA will not use your name in the investigation.

Step 3

Provide your name, address, phone number and Social Security number. If you are the victim of the fraud, select the appropriate bubble.

Step 4

Select the bubble to tell the SSA if you are reporting fraud by an individual living in Wisconsin or a business. If the fraud is being committed by a person, such as a representative payee or relative, give as much information as you can, including name, address, phone number, Social Security number, date of birth and race. If you are reporting a company doing business in Wisconsin, give the business name, address, phone number and employer identification number if you know it.

Step 5

Give as much information as possible about the victim in the next section. This includes the name, Wisconsin address, phone number, sex, date of birth and race. If you selected the bubble in the first section that indicated you were the victim, this section will self-populate with the information you provided.

Step 6

Provide a detailed explanation of the circumstance of the fraud. Explain how you came to find out about the fraud, how long it has gone on, how long you have know about it and what evidence you have to support your claim.

Step 7

Click the "Submit Form" button at the bottom. The SSA will contact you if it needs more information. If you are the victim, the SSA will contact you once it completes its investigation. If you are not, the SSA will not send any further reports to you about the case.

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