How to Report a Lost Visa Card

How to Report a Lost Visa Card
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Visa is one of the world's largest companies dealing in electronic payments. Visa does not actually issue its credit cards, but the company enables banks to issue the cards to consumers. Visa cards are not only credit cards; they also can be prepaid or stored-value cards.

Stored-value cards offer the same protection from unauthorized use as credit cards, making them a safe alternative to carrying cash for both travel and everyday financial transactions. If a prepaid Visa card or a Visa credit card is lost, contact Visa or the issuing bank immediately for replacement.

Call 800-847-2911 if the loss occurs in the United States. See a list of toll-free global numbers below if traveling outside the United States.


Speak with a Visa representative, who will cancel the card and arrange for a replacement to be sent.


Request emergency services if access to credit is needed immediately. Visa can arrange a cash disbursement or have a card replaced within 24 hours through its emergency service program.



  • If traveling abroad, note the toll-free number for the country you are traveling to. If your card is lost or stolen there, contact that number to make a report and to receive emergency services.