How to Report Insurance Fraud to Allstate

Reporting insurance fraud to Allstate helps the company catch fraudulent claims and keep costs down for other insurance customers. Allstate is a large auto, home and renter's insurance company in the United States and Canada. Insurance fraud includes claims for benefits to which the policyholder is not entitled, such as a paid auto claim to a person who staged a car accident. Fraud in insurance may be "hard," a completely staged event to make a claim, or "soft," when an person experiences a genuine loss but exaggerates the amount.

Gather all information about the fraud you can. Write down the names of the parties involved, any additional information you have, like addresses and places of employment, and the nature of the fraud.

Visit the official website of Allstate. Click on the green "Claims" box on the upper-right corner of the website. Select "Fight Fraud," the last link option on the menu to your left on the Claims page.

Select "Where to Report Insurance Fraud" from the menu on the left of the Fraud page. Select the hyperlinked "hotlines" under the "Insurance Company" heading on the "Reporting Insurance Fraud" page. The first fraud hotline number listed is for Allstate, the NICB hotline. Write the number down as shown.

Contact the Allstate Fraud Department using the hotline number. Give the agent you speak to all of the details you gathered about the fraud and any additional information you can think of.


  • File a fraud report with your state's fraud division for additional support for the investigation.