How to Report Good Credit to the Credit Bureau

Reporting debt to the credit bureaus need not be a daunting task. Since your credit report is a reflection of your payment history, it is essential that it is accurate, especially when you’ve paid your debts as agreed. While most major creditors report payment history and other information to credit-reporting agencies, smaller creditors often do not. Consider a few steps to take to report your good credit accounts to the credit bureaus.

Go to to obtain your credit reports from the three national credit reporting agencies: Equifax, Experian and TransUnion. Print the reports from each of the credit bureaus. Verify that your unreported debt is not found on any of the credit reports.

Check your credit reports for errors. According to a study conducted by the Public Interest Research Groups (PIRG), nearly 80 percent of credit reports contain mistakes. If you notice errors or inconsistencies, complete dispute forms online with all three credit-reporting agencies.

Add an account that does not appear on your report by contacting your creditor. Request that the account be reported to each of the three credit bureaus. Provide your creditor with the credit bureau information and any supporting documentation, such as copies of receipts.

Contact each of the three credit-reporting agencies to request that your unreported debt be added to your credit file. Keep copies of all correspondence, and never send original documentation or more than what’s requested.


  • Keep the credit bureaus updated with your most current personal information and report any material changes. You could add a consumer statement on your credit report to clarify any unreported debt. Your statement remains on your credit report until you request its removal, and lenders might take your statement into consideration when granting credit.


  • You may incur an expense in adding a new debt to your credit report, since credit bureaus are not required to add verifiable debts to your credit report. Also, not all creditors report to all three nationwide credit agencies, which is why it is best to contact all three credit bureaus.