How to Replace Visa Cards

Visa offers its cardholders, no matter the cardholder’s financial institution, a service through Visa Global Customer Care Services to replace any type of lost, stolen or damaged Visa card. Typically, you can receive a replacement card via delivery, or pick one up, within one business day; or 24 hours if approved. The process isn’t complex. You simply need to contact Global Customer Care Services as soon as you can if the card is damaged, or immediately if it was lost or stolen.

Call Visa Global Customer Care Services at 800-847-2911.

Select your language when prompted and that you’re a card holder. Select the option for reporting a lost or stolen card or requesting an emergency card and wait while transferred to a customer care representative.

Provide your name and Social Security number or card number if you memorized it. Explain your situation and answer the representative’s questions. Wait for the representative to provide you with card delivery or pickup information.

Wait for delivery of your Visa card or go to the pickup location to retrieve it.


  • If you’re outside of the United States, Visa also provides toll free numbers in many countries to reach Global Customer Care Services. Go to the Visa Emergency Card Replacement and Emergency Cash Disbursement Web page and click the “Toll-free phone numbers” link in the “Benefit at a Glance” section. Select a country in the drop-down menu to reveal the toll-free number and follow the on-screen instructions to dial it. If you need emergency cash, Visa also offers an emergency cash service working directly with your financial institution to get you funds.


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