Does My Renter's Insurance Cover Roof Leaks in My Apartment?

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When your rental apartment develops a leaky roof, the landlord generally has the responsibility to fix it through their own insurance on the property. However, that coverage rarely extends to personal possessions damaged as the result of that leak. If your property is damaged or destroyed as the result of a roof leak, renter’s insurance will help you replace what you lost.

Don't Count on the Landlord

Many tenants mistakenly believe that their landlord’s insurance is responsible for replacing personal property damaged by a structural failure such as a roof leak. In fact, many lease agreements explicitly absolve the landlord of any and all liability, with the landlord solely responsible for repairing the structure. Renter’s insurance fills that gap and protects your property. Depending on how your policy is worded, renters insurance covers personal property damaged or destroyed as the result of a leaky roof – or because of weather events, burglaries, fires or other disasters.