How to Find a Rent Stabilized Apartment

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In cities where rents can grow wildly out of control, rent stablization limits rent increases to percentages prescribed by the government. New York City is known for its rent stabilization. Several other cities implement rent stabilization as well. If you need affordable housing, you may be considering finding a rent stabilized apartment. The first stop on your way to finding a rent stabilized apartment is your city government.

Find your local city government's website. Many municipalities provide a list of rent stabilized apartments or provide a search feature where you can enter an address and find out if it is a rent stabilized unit. For example, cities like New York City and Berkeley, California provide websites to check for rent stablized units.

Contact the landlord of the buildings listed on the city guide and ask if any units are available.

Check available apartments on internet apartment guides or in the classified section of your local newspaper. The listings may or may not mention rent stabilization. You'll need to either ask the landlord or check with your local government.

Ask the landlord to attach a rent stabilization "Lease Rider" to your lease. This rider is required for rent stabilized apartments: if you don't get one, there's no guarantee that your apartment is rent stabilized.


  • If you find a building with rent stabilized units, this only means that some of the apartments are stabilized. Check with the landlord before renting to ensure that your unit is stabilized.


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