Rent Assistance for Veterans

Rent Assistance for Veterans
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Homeless veterans can find help with rental assistance through the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development and the Department of Veterans Affairs. The agencies have set up a program called HUD-VASH to help veterans get the housing assistance they need.


HUD-VASH provides 20,000 Section 8 vouchers for homeless veterans. The vouchers allow veterans to receive rental assistance while choosing their own housing. They also get case management and rehabilitative services, which they must use and participate in.


Beneficiaries of the program must be eligible for VA health care and must meet the definition of homelessness as stated in the McKinney Act. This means that either the veteran does not have a nighttime residence or that his or her nighttime residence is a shelter, an institution or a place that is not designed to accommodate humans.



Veterans can be single or have families, but they must be able to live independently with help from their case manager and supportive services. There are undefined income requirements that are determined by each area’s Public Housing Authority.