How to Renew a Mississippi Firearms Permit

Mississippi firearms permits are valid for five years and must be renewed every five years that you own your firearm. If your firearm permit is not renewed at that time, you will be unable to carry concealed firearms. Furthermore, if you wait longer than six months after expiration to renew your permit, you have to go through the entire application process again.

You can expect to receive the renewal package three months before your firearm permit is due to expire. The renewal fee for the permit is $82, as of October 2010.

Fill out all forms in the renewal package. If you do not receive a renewal package three months before your permit is due to expire, contact the Mississippi Department of Public Safety, and the renewal package will be sent to you. Make sure your address is always kept current so you'll receive your firearms ("concealed-carry") permit renewal.

Write a check, get a money order or include cash to cover the $82 renewal fee. The fee covers both the renewal and the fingerprint processing fees. Make the check or money order out to the Mississippi Department of Public Safety.

Bring the completed renewal form to the Department of Public Safety Headquarters or a Mississippi Highway Patrol district substation. At that time, you'll also be fingerprinted. Don't forget to bring your Mississippi driver's license or state ID and another form of identification, such as your Social Security card or passport.