How to Renew a Membership at Kaiser Permanente

You must renew a Kaiser Permanente membership or you will lose your health coverage. Kaiser Permanente is a nonprofit, managed care provider in parts of California, Colorado, Georgia, Hawaii, Maryland, Oregon, Washington, Ohio, Virginia and Washington D.C. You can purchase a Kaiser Permanente health plan membership directly or through an employer, but the membership must be renewed for coverage to continue when the plan year ends.

Get the renewal form. Ask your employer for the form if the membership is through a business. Visit the official website of Kaiser Permanente for contact information if you bought the plan or call 800-914-8352 and select "1" from the menu. Ask a Kaiser Permanente representative for the renewal form.

Complete the renewal form. Supply your personal information as requested on the form, including name, address, telephone and Social Security number. Name, Social Security number and birth date are also needed for any spouse, domestic partner or child you are adding or removing from the membership. Remove any extra benefits you no longer want and add benefits you wish to get by checking the corresponding boxes. Sign and date the form on the last page.

Return the renewal form to the employer by the deadline given. Failure to turn the form in on time can cause you to lose the membership until the next enrollment period.

Mail the renewal form to the address given on the instructions if you pay the plan directly. Include any premium payments that are required on your plan at the time of renewal. Contact Kaiser Permanente if you are unsure about the mailing address you should use. Mailing addresses vary by location and plan type.