How to Remove an Authorized User From a Credit Card Letter

How to Remove an Authorized User From a Credit Card Letter
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An authorized user can be added to your credit card. He can also receive a credit card if you approve it. Your authorized user has the same privileges as you. He can make purchases and take out cash advances. Authorized users are not legally responsible for making payments on a credit card, even though they make purchases. Sometimes it becomes necessary to remove an authorized user. To do so, there is a certain process to follow.

Call the credit card company. You can find the toll-free number on your credit card statement or on the back of your credit card. Speak with a customer service representative and let them know you want to have the authorized user removed from the account. The representative will put the request through and the user will be removed.

Check your credit card company's website. Some of the larger credit card companies allow you to remove an authorized user online, by clicking through a few information screens on the website.

Put your request in writing. Some credit card companies will want your request in writing. You may want to send the request by certified mail with a return receipt requested, according to This is your proof that you put in a request to have the user removed.

Ask the authorized user to call. The authorized user can have them herself removed from the credit card by calling the toll-free number. The process is the same. She will be removed from the account. Once the user is removed from the card, you may want to take possession of the credit card, depending on the situation. The information will be removed from the authorized user’s credit file in 30 days.