How to Remove a Tax Lien From Public Record

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Tax liens are a collection method used by the government to secure the amount of taxes you owe, if you fail to pay the tax in a timely manner. Tax liens can hinder your ability to obtain credit, as well as sell or refinance your property. Tax liens are public records and can be released if they are paid or settled with the IRS. If tax liens are paid, you will need to ensure that the tax lien has been released in public records.

Find contact information for the IRS by visiting the IRS website at and clicking on the contact link on the upper right-hand side of the web page.

Contact the IRS and request that they release the tax lien if paid. Once a tax lien is paid or settled, the IRS should file a release of tax lien with the county that you reside in.

Obtain a Notice of Release of Federal Tax Lien. You should receive this notice after paying or settling the lien; if you don't, contact your auditor or the IRS and request that they mail you a copy of this notice.

Visit your local public records office with the Notice of Release of Federal Tax Lien. Your public records office should be the office of the Clerk of Court. If you bring the release notice to the office, they can record the release of tax lien on their files. This will release the tax lien against you and your property.