How to Remove a Signer From a Corporate Bank Account

How to Remove a Signer From a Corporate Bank Account
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Removing a signer from a corporate bank account requires the approval of everyone on the account. As long as everyone approves the name removal, the process is straightforward.

Call your bank to discuss the procedure. Each bank has its own rules about removing signers from bank accounts. Some allow you to remove a signer as long as everyone on the account signs paperwork approving the account change, while other banks require you to close the old account and open a new account without the signer you are trying to remove. Since you will likely have to handle the account change process in person, you can also make an appointment when you make the call.

Collect the appropriate documentation. You may need to bring copies of your original account opening documents as well as identification and your business tax information. According to Bankers Online, depending on the structure of your organization, you may need to pass a resolution in your business approving the removal of a signer, in accordance with your articles of operation. You may be required by your bank to demonstrate such a resolution that such a resolution has been passed. Whether you will need this documentation depends on your bank's rules as well as your organizational structure.

Complete the paperwork. Remember that everyone on the account, including the signer who is being removed, must approve the change to the account and will need to complete any paperwork required by the bank. Although having everyone on the account complete the required paperwork at the same time will make the process seamless, your bank may allow the account holders to come in separately to do their part. However, the update to the account will not be made until everyone has signed off on the changes.