How to Remove GST From a Total

When you purchase an item in Canada, something called "GST" or "Goods and Service Tax" is applied to your total. The total on your receipt shows you the price you paid for the item with GST added in. If you want to remove GST from the total and find just the price of the item in question (if the receipt does not itemize this for you), you can do so using a calculator.

Find the current GST rate in Canada. As of June 2010 the GST rate is 5%. Note that certain provinces, like British Columbia, do not have GST.

Convert the percentage above to a decimal point by dividing it by 100. For example, if the GST rate is 5%, five divided by 100 equals 0.05.

Multiply the amount you paid by the decimal you found in "Step 2" to find the total amount of GST on the price of the item. Subtract this number from the amount you paid to find the original price of the item, without GST added on. For example, if you paid $10 for an item, you will have paid five percent or 50 cents, in GST. Ten dollars minus 50 cents equals $9.50. Therefore, the total you paid before GST is $9.50.