How to Remove an Ex-Girlfriend From a Lease

Breakups are tough and often require the division of property. If you lived with your girlfriend, you're likely eager to remove her name from a joint rental lease. Regrettably, removing an ex's name from a lease is not a simple process. Since both names are listed on the agreement, both individuals are liable for the rent. Removing a name will require signing a new agreement and voiding the old one.

Alert your landlord to the situation and get information on how to proceed. Landlords deal with these situations differently. Most often, you'll need to apply and requalify for the unit on your own.

Redo the rental application. Apply as a single applicant and include only your personal information and employment information. Anticipate the creditor rechecking your credit history and verifying your income to see if you can afford the apartment on your own.

Wait for your landlord's answer. Credit issues or limited income can hinder your ability to qualify for the apartment on your own, and your landlord will not remove your girlfriend's name if you don't meet the qualifications.

Sign your new rental agreement as a single lessee. Taking your girlfriend's name off the lease erases her liability, making you solely responsible for rent payments.


  • If both applicants signed a yearly agreement, the landlord may not agree to modify the names on the lease until the conclusion of the lease term.