How to Change Roommates or Names on a Lease

How to Change Roommates or Names on a Lease. It's not as simple as having one roommate move out and another move in. You must obtain your landlord's permission to change roommates or names on a lease.

Ask permission to change roommates or names on a lease by submitting a written request to your landlord.

Include some background information on your prospective roommate, such as employment status and rental history, in your written request to the landlord.

Obtain a rental application for your prospective roommate if the landlord agrees to your request.

Realize that your landlord will probably require you and your new roommate to sign a new lease or rental agreement as co-tenants, giving both of you equal rights and responsibilities.

Be aware that your landlord may change the terms of your new lease or rental agreement and may have the right to increase your rent or security deposit, subject to the rent laws in your municipality.


  • Because your landlord will probably check your prospective roommate's credit history, ask your prospective roommate to provide your landlord with a copy of his or her credit report to save time during the rental application process. If your landlord increases the rent for you and your new roommate, try to negotiate the amount of the increase with a lower counteroffer.


  • Some state and municipal rent control laws limit increases in rent and security deposits; check with local housing authorities about the rent control laws in your area in order to protect your best interests.