How to Remove an Entry From Yahoo Finance

How to Remove an Entry From Yahoo Finance
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At some point, you may wish to remove a stock entry from your Yahoo Finance portfolio. To do so, just follow the steps below to remove entries from your portfolio list.

Maintain Your Yahoo Finance Portfolio

On the display of your Yahoo Finance portfolio, select "Add/edit holdings" to display that page. This page allows you to add new entries, edit an existing entry, or delete an existing entry. Locate the untitled column of "X's" on the extreme right of the display.

Remove a Portfolio Entry

Click on the "X" on the entry line you wish to remove. A dialog box showing the stock symbol and the portfolio name of the selected entry will display two options: "Remove" and "Cancel." After verifying the information in the dialog box as correct, click on "Remove" to delete the entry. However, if after review, you decide that you wish to keep the entry in your portfolio, click "Cancel."

Be sure to select the correct entry and to carefully verify the information in the dialog box before completing the remove action as you will not be able to undo it after clicking "Remove."