How to Register a Vehicle Trust in Illinois

How to Register a Vehicle Trust in Illinois
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In Illinois, a vehicle trust allows an individual to grant the title of a vehicle to another individual without surrendering ownership of the vehicle. However, the vehicle cannot be registered in the beneficiary’s name in Illinois until the trust administrator dies. The trustee for the trust must register the vehicle with the Illinois Department of Motor Vehicles to show that the vehicle is owned by the trust.

Obtain the vehicle title. You must have a clear title to the vehicle to place it into a trust.

Fill in the odometer reading on the date the trust is created and sign and date the title as seller.

Write in the name of the trust as the new title holder.

Sign the title as the recipient of the vehicle and place the letters “TST” after your name to designate you as the trustee for the trust.

Visit a local DMV and complete the Application for Vehicle Transaction, form VSD 190. On this form, designate the trust as the titleholder and sign as the trustee.

Pay the necessary fees for a title transfer. As of this publication, the title transfer fee in Illinois is $95 and the plate transfer fee is an additional $25. Wait to receive your new registration paperwork and new Illinois vehicle plates.


  • You are not required to pay sales tax to place a vehicle in a trust.

    In Illinois, every county features at least one DMV office, and the DMV maintains offices in most cities.


  • You must change your auto insurance coverage to reflect that the vehicle is part of a trust for which you are the trustee.