How to Register Prepaid Visa Cards

How to Register Prepaid Visa Cards
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Prepaid Visa gift cards are becoming common gifts for holidays and birthdays. These gift cards can be used like credit or debit cards, and are accepted anywhere Visa cards are accepted. A prepaid Visa card may be a nicer option than a traditional gift card or gift certificate, which relegate the recipient to a single store, restaurant, salon, or establishment. Before you can use a prepaid card you must register, or activate, it.

Locate the sticker on the front of the prepaid Visa card. The sticker has a telephone number or website address, or both. Locate the numbers on the front and back of the card. Both are necessary for activation.

Call the number on the sticker and follow the automated prompts. Enter the numbers listed on the front of the card (usually 16 digits, like a credit or debit card). Enter the numbers from the back of the card, such as a pin or cvc number (card verification code). The automated system will state that the card has been activated and is ready for use.

Access the website as an alternative, or in addition to, calling. Create an account to register the card. An account also enables the card holder to check the balance. Follow the website prompts and input name, address, and card information. Card holders will receive an email confirming that the card has been properly activated.


  • With many prepaid Visa cards, they are registered when purchased but not activated until the recipient calls or goes to the website to activate the card. Save the receipt if purchasing at a store, however, because sometimes there is an activation code from the receipt that is needed as proof of purchase.