How to Register Your Boudin Card

How to Register Your Boudin Card
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A Boudin Bakery card is issued by the San Francisco-based company as a method of rewarding frequent customers. As a Boudin cardholder, each time you make a purchase at Boudin Bakery and you provide your card to the cashier; one point is added to you card for every dollar you spend. For every 50 points you accumulate you receive $5 off the cost of your next purchase.

Go to to register your Boudin Bakery rewards card. Before you can register the card online you must use it in store at least once. You must register your card online before redeeming points.

Click “Register your Frequent Buyer Card Now” and enter your card number in the box provided. Double check the number to make sure you entered it correctly and click “Submit.”


Provide the required information on the following pages. You'll need to enter your name and personal information. Double check your information and submit your account registration.