How to Reduce a Water Bill

There are many benefits to reducing your water consumption. The most noticeable one will appear on your monthly water bill. Taking small steps towards using less water can make a big difference. You can also take pleasure in knowing that the same actions that are driving down your bill are also benefiting the environment. Whether you're trying to live more frugally, or simply live a little greener, these steps will have you well on your way.

Use less water in the shower. Simply taking a shower each day instead of a bath can save you as much as 100 gallons of water each week. Try to cut down your shower time by a minute or two to further increase the savings. Installing a low flow shower head can make a difference here as well. If you can't bring yourself to give up the occasional relaxing bath, make the most out of the water. When you're finished bathing, pour a small amount of bleach into the standing bathwater. Let this soak for fifteen minutes, then drain the tub. You've just combined your bath with cleaning the bathroom.

Fill the dishwasher and clothes washer completely. Running half-empty loads will use excessive water.

Reduce your toilet's water consumption. This process is quick and easy and can save you up to two gallons of water per flush. Simply place a brick into your toilet tank. This reduces the amount of water that needs to be replaced with each flush. If you don't want to go the DIY route, you can purchase a toilet dam designed for just this purpose.

Don't leave the tap running. You've probably heard this tip a hundred times. Leaving the tap running while you brush your teeth, wash your face, or wash dishes, can waste over two gallons of water each minute. It's well worth it to turn off that running water.

Use less water on your dishes. To use the minimum amount of water washing dishes, first scrape them off dry. Ideally, you should them be able to put them directly into your dishwasher. If you need to rinse them off more first, plug your sink and rinse all your dishes in the same water. If you wash your dishes by hand, it is even more important to use a plugged sink full of soapy water rather than leaving the water to run continuously.

Let nature water your plants. Use a rain barrel to hoard as much water as you can and use this to water your plants, both indoor and outdoor. You will also reduce your water use by watering outdoor plants at dawn and dusk. They are able to absorb more water during these times when the hot sun doesn't burn it away.


  • Stay vigilant about monitoring your water use and try to reduce it a little more each day until these water-saving tricks become habit.


  • You may be wasting water without even noticing it. Take notice of every time you fill a glass with water to take a pill, then dump the rest down the sink. Small actions like this add up.