How to Redo Rooms for Cheap

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Redecorating a room can be a fun process that can refresh any part of your house. While some people believe they can’t afford to redo a room, redecorating doesn’t always have to be a burden on your wallet. Try a few simple tips on how to redo your room for cheap and start enjoying the benefits of a re-vamped room in your home.

Paint a wall. Paint is relatively cheap and can really brighten and change a room’s look. An easy way to paint on the cheap is to cover one wall, which is called an accent wall. This will add some color and dimension without having to overspend, and it doesn't require much paint.

Use fabric on your walls. Take a piece of fabric and spray it liberally with laundry starch, then tack it up on a wall smoothing out wrinkles and spraying a little more starch. Once dry, you can remove the tacks and the fabric should stay on its own. When you’re tired of the color simply pull the fabric down and try something new.

Redecorate with inexpensive used furniture by scouting garage sales and local thrift stores regularly to catch a good find. Another way to get new look for your furniture for cheap is to simply put a slipcover on it. Relatively inexpensive, stylish and practical, slipcovers are available at most housewares and furniture stores and can change the appearance of a room, while giving your furniture a fresh look.

Make your own décor using your craft skills. Sew some new throw pillowcases, add beadwork to furniture, or paint an old, rundown piece of furniture a new color with some fun designs. Acrylic latex paint is cheap and great way to revitalize a variety of surfaces.

Rearrange the furniture in your room. This is an easy and penniless way to give any room a new look. If you’ve got your couch against a wall, move it into the center of the room or at an angle in the corner. Or move your bed into a corner to easily open up new space in your bedroom.


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