Cheap Remodling Ideas for Inground Pools

Cheap Remodling Ideas for Inground Pools
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While a backyard pool's primary purpose is to provide entertainment, exercise and a means to cool off during hot summer months, it is also a decorative landscape element. Over time, your inground pool might begin to look shabby and in need of updating. Major pool remodeling can be costly, but less expensive alternatives are available that can give your pool a new look and improve the appearance of your yard.

Paint It

One of the least expensive ways to update your inground pool is to repaint its surface. Pool paint is available in variety of colors, though blue shades are the most common. If you pool is blue, try a new shade, such as aqua or turquoise. You can also use white for a fresh, newer look. For a more dramatic, bolder style, you can paint your pool’s interior black. However, painting your pool black can make cleaning it more difficult. You can hire a pool service company to paint, but you can save money by doing the job yourself. Prepare the surface properly by scraping off areas where the current paint is chipping and use an acid wash to etch the walls so paint adheres more easily.

Add Plantings

Another way to spruce up the look of your inground pool is to add bright, colorful landscape plants around it. A pool can look stark if the surrounding landscape is bare, so planting flowers, shrubs and ornamental trees can create a more pleasant environment for the pool. Choose plants that shed leaves, needles or other material that might find its way into the pool. Palm trees, such as the queen palm, are an attractive option and help create a tropical look for the pool. If you live in the northern part of the country, consider a potted palm so you can bring it inside during the winter. To continue the tropical theme, look for flowers with bold shades, such as the hibiscus or bird of paradise, to create a resort-like feel for your pool.

Light It Up

While pool lights are often a safety feature that allows swimming after dark, they can also transform the look of your pool. If your current fixture provides standard white light, consider changing the color. Some light fixtures feature different color lenses that fit in front of a plain white bulb so you can change the color whenever you feel like it. For an even more striking look, buy floating lights for your pool. These lights feature bright, bold colors and come in a variety of styles, such as those that resemble jelly fish or lily pads as they float on the water surface. You can also opt for floating lights that have a fountain feature and spray colored water into the air.

Resurface Deck

If your inground pool is surrounded by a drab concrete deck, resurfacing the area can help give your pool a new look. Instead of pulling up the existing deck and installing a new surface, have a concrete overlay placed on top of your existing deck. Overlays are available in a range of styles and textures. You can opt for one that features stamped concrete that is treated with a pattern that resembles brick, stone or tile. When combined with concrete stain or dye, the effect is extremely realistic. Stenciled and exposed aggregate overlays are also attractive options for giving your pool area a new look.