How to Redeem CIBC Aero Classic Points

How to Redeem CIBC Aero Classic Points
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One of the leading banks in Canada -- the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce --offers the Aero Classic Visa credit card. Customers who sign up for the Aero Classic card automatically become members of Aeroplan, the reward miles program for Air Canada, and earn one Aeroplan mile for every $2 spent. Aero Classic cardholders can use points for air travel, as well as hotels, car rentals, activities and merchandise. Redeeming CIBC Aero Classic points is done online.

Finding Rewards

A CIBC Aero Classic cardholder receives an Aeroplan account number he can use to register for an online Aeroplan account. Once he has an online account, he can track earned points, manage his account and view all the available rewards. After he decides on a reward, he clicks on that section of the website, chooses the exact reward he wants and applies his points to that reward.

Redeeming Points

For flights, hotels and car rentals, the user clicks on the corresponding section of the Aeroplan website, searches for and chooses what she wants and uses points to book that particular flight, car or room. The Aeroplan Flight Reward chart shows a customer how many points she needs for different types of flights. For merchandise reward redemption, the customer places the item in a shopping cart and uses points to pay at checkout.


Flight rewards must have confirmed travel dates and may incur additional airport taxes, fees and surcharges from the airline or government. For hotels, the reward only covers the room charges and taxes. Any other charges such as gratuities, meals or room service are charged to the customer. Each hotel sets its own room availability, which can mean the cardholder experiences some blackout dates when booking. Rental car rewards pay for the rental costs but not additional mileage, taxes and surcharges, damage waivers or optional equipment like child car seats.