How to Redeem Amazon Visa Points

How to Redeem Amazon Visa Points
••• Aaron P. Bernstein/Getty Images News/Getty Images and Chase Bank have collaborated to offer the Rewards Visa credit card, which allows the user to earn points on all purchases. Every penny spent equals one point, with the user earning three points for every penny spent on any purchases and two points for every penny spent at gas stations, restaurants and drugstores. Redeeming points requires the user to log onto his account to shop for items.

Reward Options

From his account, the user can search for whatever item he wants to purchase with his points. sells everything from clothing to toys to household goods. A user can also use points earned on an Visa Points credit card to get cash back, purchase gift cards and book airline tickets, hotel rooms and car rentals. Some items on do not qualify as points purchases, including some digital products, Kindle downloads, Subscribe and Save items, AmazonFresh products or preorders.

Spending Points

Every 100 points a user has equals $1 to spend on, and he can use as few or as many points as he wants for a purchase. For example, if he has 4,800 points, he has $48 to spend on items and can apply anywhere from $1 to $48 toward the purchase. After adding an item to his shopping cart, the user should choose the “use points” option under payments and apply the number of points he wants to use. If he does not have enough points for a purchase, the user will have to use another form of payment to cover the balance.