How to Recycle Umbrellas

How to Recycle Umbrellas. When an umbrella has a bent rib or just won't close right anymore, don't relegate it to the trash. Recycle it. Old umbrellas can be recycled in several clever ways to extend their life and usefulness. The following list of suggestions shows you helpful ways to recycle an umbrella.

Strip off the fabric from an old umbrella and hang it upside down to create a handy drying rack. Use clothespins to hang wet items to dry. Fold the new drying rack up for storage.

Prevent a mess next time you clean the chandelier. Open an umbrella and hook the handle under the fixture to catch any dust or drips.

Shield picnic food from the sun and insects. Cut the handle off the open umbrella, then place it over the dishes. Use the same cover to protect seedlings and young plants in the event of a frost.

Carry brightly colored umbrellas to signal one another in a crowd. Hold the umbrellas aloft to find each other when separated.

Protect walls and wallpaper when misting plants. Hold an open umbrella behind each plant to catch any overspray. Hold an open umbrella under a hanging plant when watering it to catch drips and runoff.

Create an instant trellis with an old umbrella. Remove the fabric, then push the handle of the open umbrella into the soil. Encourage climbing vines, such as morning glories, up the trellis as a centerpiece in the garden.

Stake top-heavy plants like peonies with the ribs from an umbrella. Remove the metal ribs from an umbrella that's been turned inside out.