How to Recycle Rubber Gloves

Before throwing away your rubber gloves, take another look because that glove may be useful in new, unconventional ways. By recycling rubber gloves, you'll get more bang for your buck and discover a useful item for your household. Since rubber gloves are non-slip and waterproof, they are perfect to cover slippery surfaces and to open jars, and they can even be useful in first-aid kits.

Cut the wrist of the glove in horizontal strips to create large, heavy-duty rubber bands, or cut the glove at the fingers for smaller rubber bands.

Use the palm of the glove to open stubborn jars and to create non-slip mats for vases.

Cut long strips out of the fingers section of the glove to use as plant ties.

Cut off the tips of the fingers and place the tips on the ends of mops and brooms to prevent them from sliding when they rest against a wall. For grips, snip off another piece of the glove finger and slide it down the broom or mop.

Keep a spare glove for first aid needs. Use it to cover your hand or finger when you have a cut and want to protect it from soap and water. Use a whole glove as an ice pack by filling a glove with water and freezing it.

Reuse an old glove for a messy job, such as cleaning the refrigerator or cleaning your pet.