How to Recycle Glass in San Antonio, Texas

How to Recycle Glass in San Antonio, Texas
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The city of San Antonio, Texas offers many ways to recycle your household items. San Antonio, like most cities, offers a curb side pickup with the use of the city’s recycling bins, but occasionally you may have large quantities of glass or may not be sure which glass items are acceptable for your city bin. Recycling glass, along with many other items, will help to reduce the amount of waste entering landfills and it is used to create new items, which is helpful to the environment

Drop off the glass at the Texas Disposal Systems center (see Resources). The Texas Disposal Systems center accepts glass, paper and metal. The items sent to them are recycled and used to create new items.

Drop off your items or schedule a pick up from the Waste Management center at the Covel Garden Landfill (see Resources). Waste Management will pick up the glass during a scheduled visit or you may drop the glass off to them at the Covel Garden Landfill. They also accept metal, plastic, electronics, batteries and CFL bulbs.

Mail, schedule a pickup, or drop off the glass to the City of Alamo Heights recycling center (see Resources). Alamo Heights also provides a weekly pickup service for the community if you use their recycling bins. You may call them to request a recycling bin. Once they receive your recyclables, they will use them to make items such as insulation, rebar, carpet and clothing.

Mail, schedule a pickup or drop off the glass to the Greenstar recycling center (see Resources). Greenstar offers a wide variety of recycling services such as glass, aluminum, steel, tin, plastic containers and paper. If you have large loads, they will supply you with a trailer to drop off your recyclables.


  • Most recycling companies require you to rinse out glass containers before recycling.