How to Recycle a Fiberglass Boat

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Recycling fiberglass can be tricky and recycling a large amount of it, such as a fiberglass boat, can be more difficult. Regardless of the condition of your fiberglass boat, you may be able to donate it to a good cause instead of having it destroyed. Many charitable organizations will accept a boat as a donation. They will sell it and put the money to good use and you'll get to claim the value as a tax deduction. If you can't find an organization near you that will accept your boat as a donation, you may have other recycling options.

Donate your fiberglass boat to an organization such as Goodwill, Salvation Army or even a local church. Your donation with help the organization raise more money to help those in need. The boat will be sold, often at auction, and the money put charitable use such disaster relief or hunger programs. The charitable organization can supply you with a receipt that will allow you to claim the boat's current value as a tax deduction.

Visit the Donate Your Boat website (, fill out the “Boat Information Form” and submit it. You must have a copy of the boat's title available as part of this process. A representative of the organization will contact you and set up an appointments to inspect and pick up the boat and process your paperwork. The boat may be sold or used for parts, depending on its condition.

Call your city's recycling center and inquire about fiberglass boat recycling. You will be directed to centers that may be able to accept your boat for resale or recycling. In most cases, you will be required to deliver the boat to the recycling center or the organization that accepts fiberglass boats.



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