How to Recognize a Loft Apartment

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Loft apartments are all the rage right now, as the trend toward modern design continues to grow. However, the difference isn't always clear between a standard apartment, a loft apartment and a loft. There are some pretty significant differences, and once you know what to look for, it's easy to tell.

Look at the floor plan. If it is a loft apartment, the floor plan will resemble that of a standard apartment, only the floor plan will be more open, with the kitchen, living room and dining room completely integrated, for example.

Look at multiple floors at once. You may also find loft apartments that are named such even though they look like standard apartments but have physical lofts for the second floor. The loft will be an open space with no wall separating it from the downstairs area.

Look at photographs of industrial buildings that were converted to apartments. These living spaces can be lofts, having wide and open floor plans, with exposed beams and plumbing. Loft apartments, on the other hand, are apartments designed to have the look of a loft, but they may be in a brand new building.

Be careful, because some loft apartments are really nothing more than a studio apartment. It is a marketing term used to sell you a studio at a more expensive price. A true loft apartment should be very spacious. Studio apartments are not loft apartments just because they are all in one (usually very small) room. If it is an industrial studio, however, it may be entirely accurate to call it a loft.


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