How to Reclaim a Job Seeker's Allowance

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The United Kingdom government provides a Jobseeker's Allowance to unemployed citizens who are actively looking for a new job. If you have already received the allowance in the past and need to claim it a second time, you may be eligible for a reclaim without filling out new paperwork. This allows people to take temporary or short-term contracted jobs without risking the loss of their benefits.


You may only reclaim a Jobseeker's Allowance if it has been 26 months or less since the end of your first claim. Your financial, employment and family situation also must be substantially the same to qualify for a reclaim. If there have been significant changes in any of these areas, you still may be eligible for a second round of benefits, but you will have to complete the entire application process again.

Filing a Reclaim

To file your request for a reclaim, you must first make an appointment with the Jobcentre Plus that serves your local area. When you go to the appointment, take documentation showing the amount of income you have received since the first claim. You must meet with an adviser, who will ask you detailed questions about your financial and employment situation to determine if you qualify for a reclaim. If the adviser decides that you are eligible for benefits, you must fill out a reclaim form and provide your bank information.