How to Receive My HSBC Account Number

How to Receive My HSBC Account Number
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If you are a banking customer of HSBC and have lost your account number, you can track down that number several ways. To protect your privacy and account information, HSBC utilizes several security layers when you do look up your account number.

Personal Internet Banking

Through its Personal Internet Banking portal, HSBC provides several ways to view your account number. All of your HSBC accounts are listed on the front page of your online account, so click on each to view the number for that account. You can also see past checks from the last six years, as well as statements from the last two years. To find your HSBC account number on a check, look for the account number found on the bottom of the check, next to the routing number. Your account number is also listed on each statement.

New Customers

If you are a first-time HSBC customer, once HSBC approves your new account it will send you an email with instructions on setting up your Personal Internet Banking account. After you register for the online account, you’ll receive your username in an email and your password in the U.S. postal mail. You should receive both within 10 business days. You can then log into your account to view your new HSBC account number.