How to Receive a Copy of Your Current VA Disability

How to Receive a Copy of Your Current VA Disability
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A veteran’s VA disability rating effects monthly compensation, healthcare and education benefits. Copies of the VA’s decision may be required to prove the veteran’s income or eligibility, when obtaining a loan or other service. While the disability ratings decision-making process is complex, obtaining a copy of a current VA disability rating decision is not. The Department of Veterans Affairs requires that requests for disability rating decision be made in writing by the veteran. A simple signed letter, sent to the local VA regional office, will suffice.

Write and sign a request asking for your current VA disability rating decision. The request should be clear, concise and include the date, veteran’s name and signature. A request for your C File will result in all previous rating decisions being sent to you.

Locate the nearest VA Regional Office using the online tool on the VA website at

Mail letter to the VA Regional Office, or drop it off in person.