How to Receive Full Social Security Disability After 62 Years of Age

Applicants for Social Security benefits are not always awarded full benefits. If you are disables, you must that you are incapable of physically performing in a job on a full time basis. You also must submit certain documents to make the case to ensure full social security disability benefits.

The Process

Hire an attorney that specializes in these cases to represent your claim. The attorney will be able to represent you more effectively than you would yourself because he or she is more familiar with the social security disability regulations.

Solicit your attorney’s help, go online or in person to the office of social security benefits. Complete an application form for social security disability benefits claim after the age of 62 years.

Get and submit your medical records to prove disability with your application. The medical records should show that you are really disabled and cannot function as normally as you used to. Have your doctor write a detailed supporting statement as to the extent of your disability and use that in conjunction with your medical records.

Respond to any medical appointment letters that are sent to you in the mail as well as any notices of appeal hearings to determine your eligibility case in front of an assigned judge. These notices usually list the date, time, judge and place of hearing. Solicit your attorney’s help with this.

Get the number for the DDS from your local social security office or search online to get the number. Call the DDS (Determination Disability Services department) periodically for updated status on your disability claim. Your local social security office will not be able to provide this information.

Seek the help of your local politician though there is no guarantee in this, but it may initiate a query by a powerful community figure. However, only solicit help if your claim is taking longer than usual or you are having problems with your hearing.


  • If you don’t respond to any correspondence sent to you by the social security office, you put your social security claim in jeopardy of being turned down or having to submit a new claim application.


  • If the department of social security gives you a date when your claim will be completed, it is usually not accurate because no one knows for certain when a claim will be completed. It is a process. So patience is going to be your key motivator.